Top 5 Digital Marketing Question Answered

Top 5 Digital Marketing Question that you should know if you have an interest in digital marketing and want to make a career in digital marketing but don’t know how to start?

How should I learn digital marketing? this question has troubled every beginner and many times even while learning a new skill we still don’t have an idea of how to learn it effectively.

Because learning a new skill is itself a skill as it’s going to test your patience, you might fail at times, and after a point, you might start doubting yourself or feel demotivated.

And trust me failures, self-doubt, and getting demotivated all are the part of learning new skills everyone goes through it so did I.

Before jumping into courses or certification I am going to explain to you the process through which I have learned and followed while learning a new skill so that you can avoid some common mistakes.

Create a Mindset First

mind set

This is the part which we don’t pay much attention to and that is creating the right mindset when you are learning a new skill you are going to fail, you will get demotivated or even regret the decision of learning it and you know why this happens?

Because you want to see results from day one and it’s like wanting to eat fruits from a tree that you planted yesterday isn’t it?

But the truth is it takes a lot of patience, practice, and experimentation to reach that kind of expertise in any skill.

So while your learning makes sure you give enough time to the learning part first rather than focusing on results.

Implement and experiment with what you have learned and practice as much as you can even if you fail.

With time you will get to see some results and you will start loving the process but for that have patience and be kind to yourself.

The Next Big Question is

Digital Marketing Question 1: Can I learn about digital marketing without joining any institute?

learning student

The answer to this will be yes, you can learn digital marketing without joining any institute but you should be disciplined and focused enough to learn on your own.

And you know how these coaching institutes and online marketers are making money by selling their courses to people and with a line after course completion you will get a job.

But tell me do you really thing just by completing a course will land you your dream job when there is so much competition out there?

Let me clear that there is no harm in joining any institute and learning digital marketing but the only advantage that I find in joining a digital marketing institute is that you can ask your doubts directly from the teacher and you can make some connections.

But the content will be the same that you can get from various free resources including certification.

Now comes the placement part, well it totally depends upon your skills yes, if you have enough skills you will get placed whether you have learned from an institute or by yourself.

Most people join the institute for getting placement but they will only provide you with the company details and job description and trust me that you can find yourself from the job portals.

So, if you have enough budget and you are comfortable with classroom learning then you can join any institute or you can learn from free recourses as well.

Digital Marketing Question 2: What are the skills that are required in digital marketing?


A skill is anything that can be learned over a period of time but it requires a lot of patience and consistency to have expertise.



Digital marketing requires you to be creative by this I mean even if you are creating videos, blogs, or social media posts your content should be unique and valuable only then you are going to attract your desire audience.

Let me give you an example:- We all know Bhuvan Bam aka “bb ki vines” he is an Indian Comedian and Famous YouTube Personality from Delhi.

Do you know why he has became so popular and a well known celebrity in India today.

Because he was able to think out of the box and used his creativity to create such amazing funny characters which were able to connect with the audience and all it required was a phone and hard work.

Similarly, In digital marketing, you need to be creative so that you can stand out from other competitor and reach your desired audience.

Copy Writing Skills


If you are good and most importantly comfortable in expressing through writing / Blogging it will be added advantage to you as in digital marketing content creation plays a huge role.

So, if you are creative in writing and can attract more readers and can convert them in leads by providing some value through blogs, newsletter or landing pages etc. you will be most valuable for the organization as you have the ability to create good quality content.

Now some of us might think I am not good in English or I am not good at writing, let me tell you no one is a born writer if you have the will to learn and improve you can.

Writing gets better when you actually start writing consistently and also reading more articles or blogs related to your niche or anything that you have interest in.

I was also passionate about blogging and did know much about it and decided to learn more about it and finally started my blog to share my views about my niche.

If I can do it you can do it as well 🙂

Video Editing / Making skills

video skills

Videos are everywhere now, you must have noticed advertisements or any business are using videos to connect with their audience.

And with an increase in video consumption requirement of people with video Editing/ making skills has also increased so if you have these skills it will help you in your digital marketing career.

Constant Learner


In Digital Marketing you are required to make strategies for a different medium to drive traffic and for that, you need to be aware of the algorithm of different mediums so that you can update your strategies when there is an algorithm update.

You need to be aware of the latest trends so that you can keep them in mind before making any strategies.

And constant learning will also help you to increase your knowledge and help you to get better career opportunities.

Analytical skills

analytical skills

Analytical skills are also one of the crucial skills which are required as I earlier mentioned you are going to make strategies but knowing how to make strategies is not good enough.

You need to understand which strategy is working for you and which one is not and for that, you should be able to read the analytical reports and make changes in your strategies according to the reports.

You can develop your analytical skills with Google Analytics which is an analytical tool for websites plus they offer free certification course from beginner’s to advance level.

Digital Marketing Question 2: Can I learn Digital marketing if I am not from a marketing background?


Yes ,you can no matter if you are from any different background you can learn digital marketing.

As I mentioned digital marketing is a skill and a skill can be learned over a period of time and in fact, many famous digital marketers are from Non-marketing backgrounds and yet there are successful.

So it doesn’t matter if you are from a different background you can still make your career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Question 3: Which are the best websites to learn digital marketing?


These are some of the best websites from which you can learn digital marketing from beginners to advance levels.

Google Digital Garage

Hubspot Academy


SEMrush Academy

Moz Academy

ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course

Shout me loud



Ahref Academy

Search Engine Land

Digital Marketing Question 4: Paid Courses or Free Course Which is Better?


If you are an absolute beginner then I would highly recommend you to go for free courses first and then for paid once because then you will have an idea what content you have already covered and mostly you will find useful resources absolutely free.

And if you are looking for paid courses then I would recommend you to buy paid courses for Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads as these require in-depth knowledge and practical experience as well.

But don’t spend more than 3k to any individual course and not more than 15-20k for any online interactive whole digital marketing course.

Here are some Youtube channels which provide good quality digital marketing content which will help you to learn digital marketing on your own.

Wscube Tech

Web Trainings Academy

Neil Patel

Marketing Fundas

Surfside PPC


Intellectual Indies

Ahref Academy


Digital Marketing Question 5: How to learn Digital Marketing?


Start learning with a free course, blogs and follow digital marketing related YouTube channel.


Join a online / offline interactive course.

Learn by implementing means start your own blog, Facebook Page, Instagram Page or Youtube Channel.

After covering the core modules like SMM, SEO, Google Ads, Email Marketing etc. Choose one or two modules which you have an interest in and start developing your skills in your expertise in those areas.

Note- You should also have a basic understanding of other modules as well apart from the module you have interest in.

Now certify yourself with some of the most popular certification.

Google Ads

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Hubspot Academy – Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

SEMrush Academy for SEO Certification.

Moz Academy

Ahref Academy

Hootsuite Certification

Now you have done the digital marketing course, have created a blog, pages or Youtube channel and you are certified as well so what is the next step?

Now, apply for internships but wait most people make mistake in this step as they apply directly for an internship without doing enough practice or creating any social presence.

I have written in-depth 5 steps that will help you to land your first digital marketing internship, a must-read for every beginner.

Always try to do an internship in a digital marketing agency first because as a beginner you should start from where you can learn new things and in the beginning you will be offered low pay but after some experience, you can earn more.

Now comes the big step that everyone wants to take just after completing the course can you guess that?

Yes…. Applying for job.

Now, most people have this confusion whether to go for an internship or apply for jobs and I would highly suggest if you are a beginner start with an internship in a digital marketing agency and know how the industry works and if you perform well you can covert your internship into a full-time job.

Or after having relevant internship experience you can apply for a full-time job but before applying for a job go for an internship first as it will help you to develop your skillset and you can make good professional connections as well.

Here one of my popular blog a must-read for every beginner how to avoid mistakes as a digital marketing beginner.

I hope now you have a clear idea of how you can start your career in digital marketing and if you still have any questions left do let me know in the comment section.

Thankyou for visiting hope you had a Good read…:)

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