On-Page SEO: 5 Most Important Ranking Factor

On-Page SEO: Search Engine Optimization you might have heard a lot about it and how it plays an important role in bringing more relevant traffic and ranking your website on Google.

But do you want to know what it takes to make a SEO strategies successful.

Many people do SEO on their websites but they don’t get the desired results or ranking and one of the reasons is not paying enough attention to the On-page SEO part.

Right On-page SEO , let’s understand this with a real life example.

Assume that you are going to purchase a book from a book store, now when you visit a book store what is the next thing you do? look around for books right?

And the first thing that will attract your attention will be the book cover and the heading on the book.

Based on which your are going to decide whether this book is right for you or not.

Similarly, when we post a piece of content or a blog, on-page SEO if not done correctly it will not be able to connect with your intended audience.

Let me tell you how

5 The Most Important On-Page Ranking Factor Which You Should Focus On To Optimize Your Content.

1.On-Page SEO Factor: URL

So, What is a URL ?

On-Page Url factor
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When someone wants to identify y ou they will call you by your name right ? similarly When you publish a piece of content on the internet a URL will be created which will be representing your content topic.

So, you should always try to keep your URL short and specific to the topic, as long URL looks like spam and people will hesitate to click on it.

For example, if I am blogging about a digital marketing topic then my URL should be like http://digitalmarketingbyshruti.com/3-mistakes-every-digital-marketing-beginner-will-learn-from/.

This will give your reader a clear picture of what the blog is all about and will help you in on-page SEO also.

2. On-Page SEO Factor: Title Tag

On-Page Title Tag
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Title tag is basically the title of the page which will appear on Google search.

So, while writing your title of the post, apart from being creative you should also place your specific keywords in the title also as it makes it easier for Google search crawler to understand your website content and bring it up to your audience.

3. On-Page SEO Factor: Meta Description

On-Page SEO- Meta Description
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In meta description, you can tell your audience about the value they are going to get from your content or unique points about your content in a summarized manner and place your focus keywords also.

4. On-Page SEO Factor: Heading Tags

On-Page: Heading Tags
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Heading tags are also very crucial as they not only increase your readability and helps to break the entire blog into headings and subheadings.

But also when a person visits your website the first thing that grabs their attention is the headline of the content which should be relevant to your blog post.

And placing your focus keyword will help the reader to relate to your blog post and also helps in ranking your content.

5.On-Page SEO Factor: Content Part

Content Writing
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Content is still the king, if your content is not optimized no strategy will work for you so let’s learn how you can start optimizing your content for better ranking.

For optimizing your content you should start first by checking the keywords that you are targeting and most importantly are you placing them correctly in your content.

Use of Alt tags on images that you used on your blog post that should be checked and if not used then use Alt tags to optimize images.

Use Interlinks on your posts that will not only provide your audience more value and make them stay on your website but also helps the crawler to discover new content on your site which will also help in ranking your site.

Check your website speed because if it takes more time to load, your audience will move to another website, also your website should be mobile friendly as the majority of the internet user use mobile phones to search any query so do your audience will be.

So, before publishing your content next time do use these 5 Tips To Optimize Your Blog Post.

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Let me know which is your Favorite Tip For On-Page SEO ? In the comment section

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