Is Google digital marketing course worth doing?

Free Google digital marketing course yes, we are going to discuss about it but before that,

Let me start by asking you a question what is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see the word “GOOGLE”.


You might be thinking about solutions, information, knowledge, directions, connecting with people, etc.

Well, all your answers are correct.

Google now has become a huge part of our life, in fact, Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day, which means an average person conducts 3-4 searches every single day and that’s huge.

Google is like a one-stop destination for all your queries, providing the best & most relevant solutions for all your problems.

You must have heard about an amazing online learning platform by Google known as Google Digital Unlocked which provides a Free Course on Fundamentals of digital marketing.

Google fundamentals of digital marketing

Do you really want to know how to get the best out of this course, it’s really simple but we are in so much hurry just to complete the course and get certified that we don’t pay much attention to this part.

I am going to explain step by step as to how you should approach this course and avoid some common mistakes that we all do which includes me too.

How you should approach this course?

how to start learning

You must be like, I know how to start a course what’s new in this but let me give you a new perspective here.

When I am talking about this course most common question I get is, how can I get a Google certificate?

And if you notice, the intention here is to get a google certificate not learning a new skill, now I know you must be thinking well ,Shruti we will only get a certificate after the learning part well that’s true.

But setting your intentions right before starting anything in your life, is going to increase the chances of you getting success in it.

Let me explain this with a simple example when you are in school in your class there might be around 30-40 students in a class but there will be only 2 or 3 toppers in the class do you know why this happens?

As all the students are given the same class, the same teachers, and they all study from the same textbooks but the difference comes from their intentions.

Why I am talking about intentions so much here because when I started my learning with this course my intention was to get a google certificate not on the learning part.

And as a result, because my intention was to get a certificate, the next time I did any course I was again focused on certificate not on developing my skills.

If you have just started learning you must be making some beginner’s mistakes.

So, if you are a beginner or decided to do this course make sure to set your intentions right because no certificate is bigger than a skill itself.

Benefits of doing this course

Benefits of course

When you are beginning to learn something new it’s really confusing from where to start or to find some useful learning resources.

I mean if you only search for digital marketing their will be hundreds of videos or articles and each of them will give you a different version of digital marketing that will lead to more confusion or I say “information overload“.

So, the advantage of this course is that it will not only give you the fundamentals of digital marketing but also will show you how people implemented digital marketing concepts and what results they achieved from it.

The case studies are my personal favorite part of this course which makes this course more interesting. I mean what’s the point of studying something when you don’t know how it works in the practical world right?

This course explains each and every concept of digital marketing with practical examples and case studies which will help you to understand the concept behind digital marketing.

So start your digital marketing learning by taking action and start developing your skills with this amazing free course!

About the course

Who can do this course ?

Any student or beginner who wants to start their career in digital marketing.

Working professional wants to switch their career to digital marketing can start with the fundamentals of digital marketing.

Anyone who is interested in digital marketing can start with Google fundamentals of digital marketing.

Is Google digital marketing course free ?

Yes, it’s absolutely free online course for everyone.

How long is Google digital marketing course ?

40 hours of videos and text learning with case studies about every concept.

What is the level of this course?

It’s a beginners level course.

What is required for this course ?

A laptop, mobile & good internet connection.

Does Google digital marketing provide certificate ?

Yes, after clearing the exam you will be provided a certificate from google and you will be able to download a PDF copy of the certificate from the Google course page.

How long will be the course accessible to us ?

You can complete the course on your time as it’s a self-paced course so you don’t need to worry about the access.

How much score is required to clear the exam ?

You need to score 80% in the final exams that mean you have to answer 32 questions correctly and total questions will be 40.

Can i retake the exam if not cleared ?

Yes , you can retake the exam after a day if your score is less than 32.

10 Simple Steps to get your Google Fundamentals of digital marketing course

Step 1:- You can start by searching Google Fundamentals of digital marketing course

Now you have to click the above link and you will be directed to the course page

Step 2 :- Now you will be directed to Google Digital Garage Home page

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Now you have to click on Start course

Step 3:- After clicking the start course option You will be asked to sign up using email id

Login information

Step 4 :- After signing up part is done you can start your course

Get new skills for a digital world

Step 5:- Now you have to select the Fundamentals of digital marketing course and start learning

Fundamentals of digital marketing

Step 6:- Now after starting the course you will be given a Topic overview which includes your learning videos and quizzes to check your knowledge

Check your knowledge

Step 7 :- After every topic is complete you have to give topic end assignment

end of topic assessment

Step 8:- These are the 26 modules which you have to complete before giving the final exam

fundamentals of digital marketing course modules
fundamentals of digital marketing course modules
fundamentals of digital marketing course modules
fundamentals of digital marketing course modules

Step 9:- After completing all 26 modules you have to give the final exam to get certified

Final exam of fundamentals of digital marketing

Step 10:- After clearing your final exam you will get your Google Fundamentals of digital marketing certificate

fundamentals of digital marketing course completed

Watch this course introduction video

Here comes the big question

Is Google digital marketing course worth it ?

Value or worth of the course actually depends upon you, let me clear that for you

If you have cleared your certification and you are thinking this alone will help you to get a job or internship well that is not going to happen.

And if you created your blog, page, or any social presence then also you will be asked why are you not certified?

So from my experience both things are equally important.

Set your intention to learn or gain some knowledge out of the course and start implementing it practically.

And you know what the actual problem is ?

Just go to google and search google digital marketing course and observe the suggestions it shows

fundamentals of digital marketing course answer searches
fundamentals of digital marketing course answer searches

Now you can clearly see that most of the people are not searching for terms like learning or information etc., but for the answers.

In schools, you are told to solve the math’s problem and if you just copy the answers from your friend’s notebook and clear the test.

Tell me, will that ever help you to actually solve the problem on your own?

So the next time you have to solve the math’s problem and your friend is not there what will you do? you will find some else from where you can copy because actually you never started learning and this will go on until its too late to realize.

You know that’s why most people don’t know the next step after completing a course because they don’t search the new terms they are learning or implement what they have learned.

If you are learning a new skill like digital marketing which is totally practical and result-based and your foundation is not clear it will harm you later.

Every skill needs its time to develop, no one is a master here, everyone tries to sharpen their skills by updating themselves.

There is so much competition out there and so many new things are introduced that you have to be in a learning mode always, you just can’t stop after getting a certificate.

Practice or implement more than just consuming content to avoid information overload.

So avoid these types of shortcuts as they are not gonna help you in long term.

These are the top 3 mistakes every beginner makes read more

If you want to know how to crack your first digital marketing internship read more

A skill learned will be with you for a lifetime but a certificate won’t

Shruti Rajan

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Keep reading keep learning !! 🙂

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