Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

If you are a beginner who has completed any digital marketing course and looking to land your first internship then I am going to tell you these 5 steps that will help you to get your first internship.

Many people ask me I don’t have any prior knowledge about digital marketing can I apply for internship or I have just completed my course how can I apply for internship. 

So before jumping into how to get internship part I want to tell you why internship is so important

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

There are many people who believe that you should directly apply for internship rather than doing a course but in reality if you don’t even know the fundamentals or basics then how are you supposed to even get selected for an internship.

And even after doing the whole course without applying what you learn practically you will not be able to develop practical skills which are required to apply for job or internship.

So before applying for any internship try to learn the concept and have the basic understanding so that you can have a strong foundation and have practical skills too.

Doing internship is really important as a course will provide you with basic understanding but working in a live project will help you to understand how things are done in the industry.

You will get to know different tools, strategies and techniques that too under a mentor, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn.    

These are the 5 steps that I am sharing from my personal experience which will help you to stand out and get you first internship

Step 1 Build your own website

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

Yes, first and the most important thing you should do is to build your own website because your website represents your work and your practical skills.

Because most of us just show certificates but trust me without showing them you really worked on any website or page, certificate will not add any value to your profile.

So, if you are doing a course or done a course try to create your own website for example start with a blog website pick a niche in which you are interested and start writing blogs on it.

In this way you will develop practical skills like SEO , Content writing  , SMM etc and you can also show your work when you are asked why should we hire you ?

Step 2   Improve your social media handles

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

If you are aspiring to work in digital marketing industry you need to be updated and connected, as your social media handles also plays an important role.

As you share your content over social media platforms and anyone who wants to hire you will check them so use your social media handles to promote and share your content.

I want to share my personal experience here as I too had applied for an internship and they asked me about my social media handle links and at that time I was not using my social media handles that actively.

As a result I was not selected for the internship so try to improve your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles and stay updated.

Step 3 Don’t try to be a master in everything

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

It is one of the biggest mistake a beginner makes and I did it too and the result was i did not get selected so I am going to share it with you all so that you can avoid it.

In every internship application there will be 2 important questions that you should answer very carefully as based on them you are going to be selected or rejected.

What skills do you have ?

It’s really important for you to answer this question with full honesty and do not try to be a master in everything because in digital marketing it’s really impossible to know each and everything as it’s a vast field you will learn things with experience.

So try to avoid saying that I have done a course in which I have learned SEO, SEM,SMM, email marketing etc trust me this will not work.

Instead you can say I have created my own abc blog website and while working on my website I have developed my seo skills by writing Seo friendly articles.

And learned about keyword analysis and used ubber suggest tool for competitive analysis of site and I am looking forward to further improve my skills by joining your organization etc.

Instead of saying I know everything show them your specialty and to do that you need to have in-depth knowledge about a particular subject it can be SEO, SMM, content marketing anything in which you are interested in.

So select a stream in which you are most interested in and have in depth knowledge about it

Second important question

Why should we hire you ?

This is the question and a chance for you to let the company know why you are better than the rest so use it wisely.

As I earlier mentioned if you have a blog website, page or you tube channel here is the chance you can show your work and the results you got.

It will add more value than just showing certificates so create your portfolio and show your online work and master one skill at a time.

Also give suggestion that how you can use your skills to help them to achieve their goals.

Step 4 Do research before applying for any internship

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

Most people don’t even know what work they have to do or what skills are required as every internship requires different set of skills, roles and responsibilities.

So before sending any application try to read and understand the job description and match your skill set with the description first.

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

If it matches your skill set then describe those skills connecting with your online work so that interviewer or the company can get a clear picture of you and chances of your selection increases

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship
Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

Here you can see this is also a digital marketing internship but the requirements mentioned is to take video call interview which is not related to digital marketing.

So carefully read the job description or requirements before applying for any internship so that you can choose the right internship for yourself where you can actually learn digital marketing.

Step 5 Audit Social Media handles / website of the company

Top 5 Steps to get your first digital marketing internship

 As a part of selection process there are high chances that the company will send you their website link or social media handle and will ask you how you can help them to improve their social presence or seo to check your practical knowledge.

So it’s best that you do some research in advance about the company and make some points about how you can help them improve without offending them.

It’s the most important part so use all your creativity and make a good impression

So before applying for any internship do remember to follow these 5 steps as they will help you to stand out among other applicants and to decide which internship is best for you.

you can also read my another article How to learn digital marketing as a beginner as it will help you to begin your digital marketing learning

keep reading keep learning 🙂

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