Digital marketing 3 most valuable Steps for beginner

Digital marketing is very booming these days, there are several courses available in the market which are promising to make students industry ready in 1 or 3 months, which one should I take or just go for classroom learning, which certificates will help me to land a job but I am from a different academic background can I learn digital marketing will it be worth my time and money

So these are all the thoughts that a beginner would have when he /she decides to learn digital marketing but you are missing the 3 most important things that you should known before jumping into conclusion

So let’s first begin with understanding the term Digital marketing in a simplified way

So let’s take a real life example imagine that you went shopping you brought a new shirt and next day you went to your friend’s house wearing the same shirt and you’re friends are asking you about the shirt and from where did you bought it

I am sure we can relate to this and as you begin to tell your friends about your shirt your actually representing that particular brand or shop of that product just like a website will do in digital media

and for doing this you just need to learn those digital skills which does not requires a Degree in marketing or particular certification if you’re willing to learn new digital skills with patience you can become a Digital Marketer

Step 1. Always known your why ?

It's not what but why you do it
  • If you want to learn or do anything new you should always start with knowing your why it’s really important as its going to help you get clarity as most of us jump into things without having a long term vision about it
  • like what I am going to do after learning digital marketing, how I am going to use my skills and apply it by blogging about something  that I am passionate about or making YouTube channel about it or I am going to promote my business or for many it may be landing a job in good company
  • By having this kind of clarity not only saves a lot of time and effort but make you a smart learner as now you know what you need to learn and what area you want to focus
  • for example I am passionate about blogging now I have to give more time in learning Content writing , SEO and creating infographics to make my blog more attractive so now I have more clarity about the skills that I need to develop in order to be a better blogger , so know your why before jumping into a course just because  it’s very popular or people are doing it

 Instead ask yourself why you want to learn digital marketing and what you are going to do after learning it

Step 2. Take one Step at a Time

  • Yes it’s true as a beginner we all have that urge to learn everything related to digital marketing and we all spend most of our time chasing course about every topic and it’s really overwhelming as there are 100’s of courses and videos available related to every topic
  • now what you end up getting more confused about which courses you should study and how to start learning as there are too many resources to start with but as I earlier told you if you know your why then it becomes easily to simplify the learning process and to focus on skills that are required to achieve your why

That’s why always focus on one thing at a time rather than loosing time on chasing every course which is related to digital marketing take time and choose your particular field and start mastering them

but also have basic understanding of other field too but try to master one at a timejust like when we listen to our favorite song again and again we learn the lyrics easily and now we are  confident enough to sing that song in front of anyone when asked but what if we listen to 10 songs and can’t even remember one correctly then listening to 10 songs is just a waste of time , so master one skill at a time

Step 3 Not Taking Action….!!!

  • This is the most crucial phase of any learning and that is implementing what you learn by taking action Yes..!! 
  • Unless you implement what to learn you’re never going to get results in your life
  • Just as learning Math’s formulas won’t solve the questions you have to learn the formula and implement in a maths question and get the correct answer.
  • Same in digital marketing you need to have more practical knowledge than theory as its totally practically based work which requires lots of experimenting and knowing what’s working for you and implementing & optimizing them again and again to get the results
  • So just by completing a course or getting a certificate will not help you what will be having a practical learning approach
  • That is taking action and implementing what you learn by creating a blog , Instagram or Facebook page or Youtube channel and putting consistent efforts and experimenting with it while developing new skills you will enjoy you’re learning  more as now you’re doing it for a reason bigger than getting certificate.

So take time and reflect on these 3 steps and then taken the next step…..

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