About us

About us

Learn Digital Marketing With Me

First of all a very warm welcome to my blog digitalmarketingbyshruti.com

Let me introduce myself,

I’m Shruti Rajan, a Computer Application Graduate and a part-time blogger who loves to blog about digital marketing and share knowledge with others.

Let’s talk about this blog

Many of us are aspiring to learn digital marketing so did I, my passion for bloggingdraw me towards digital marketing as I saw it as a platform where you can express your creativity in many different ways.

With learning something new comes new challenges and struggles as a newbie I realized it’s just not me, There are many people out their looking for better guidance & information.

That’s why I started this blog to share my knowledge and experience to help every newbie aspiring to be a digital marketer.

Happy to help you all 🙂 keep visiting

Shruti Rajan