5 reasons why you should be using Google ads to grow your business

Why should I use google ads for my business? Is Google Ads right for my business? Will running Google ads bring me more customers?

Every business owner has these questions in their mind as they are not aware of how beneficial Google ads can be for their business.

Let’s understand why you should use Google ads and how it will help you to reach your potential customers.

1. Why choose Google for advertising?

Earlier we use to have the old traditional methods of marketing & advertising to reach our desired customers.

But today it all has changed as your potential customer might be searching for any products or services can you guess where?

Google, yes your right, majority of the internet users use Google when they are searching for any product or services to buy online.

That means you are going to target those people who are actually looking for products or services to buy and which will eventually help you to reach your potential customers.

2. Display your ads above the top-ranking websites.

Google ads

When your website is new or you have just started your business online bringing traffic to your website and reaching your potential customers, it will be difficult as you are going to compete against those websites which are already ranking on the top Google search result page.

But if you are using Google ads you can display your ads on the same page where other top-ranking websites are competing, hence Google ads provide you the opportunity to reach your potential customers.

3. Google ads help you to target your customer more effectively.

Google ads targeting

Google ads have the feature to target your potential customer based upon specific keywords or keyword phrases your potential customer might be using while searching for any product or services.

And if you are using those keywords or keywords phrases in your ads that are similar to your customer intent then chances of reaching your potential customer will be increased.

Google ads also have a feature to target your customer based on their geographic location and you can also use radius targeting if you want to target a specific location and you can also exclude some locations which you do not wish to target which will help to reduce the targeting cost as well.

4. Optimizing and retargeting your ads.

google ads optimizing

In Google Ads, you have the feature to optimize your ads and choose the network in which you want to display your ads like for example, you can use the Google display network to create brand awareness which can be beneficial for new business,

And you can choose the websites on which you want to run your ads but it should be relevant to your niche or business.

Retargeting is also an amazing feature by Google ads in which when a person visits your website and leaves the site without purchasing any products or services.

In that case, with the help of cookies that we receive, we can retarget or follow up the potential customer and display our ads again.

Which will eventually increase our chances to convert potential customers and increase sales as well.

5. Measure your campaign success.

google ads campaign success

Unlike traditional methods of marketing and advertising in which you are not able to track or measure your campaign.

In Google Ads, you have so many customized features to track and measure your campaign such as you can measure the ROI, traffic to your website, or any other goals that you considered as conversions such as sales for an e-commerce store.

You can also check which keywords and headlines are performing well and getting high click-through-rate and the timing your ads are performing well.

On which network your ads are performing best and you can also create A/B testing for your ads and based upon the report you can choose to run your best performing ads.

Tracking and measuring campaigns play a huge role in strategy making which eventually makes a campaign successful.

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