3 Mistakes Every Digital marketing Beginner should learn from

Yes, today we are going to talk about mistakes that each and every one of us including me has made in their way in order to learn or achieve something new in their lives

3 mistakes

Generally, mistakes are seen as failure or something which you should avoid as much as possible and as a result we do fear or try our best to avoid them

But what if I say, more than your knowledge your mistakes are going to teach you        

 Let me tell you how

Everyone in their lives has a person who inspires them or whom you look up to or you relate yourselves

 Do you know why that happens that you feel motivated by them or they inspire you

This happens because they share their struggles and mistakes, all of those things which made them what they are today, they were all beginner once just like you and me

So next time, whenever you make any mistake rather than criticizing or judging yourself try to see what it is teaching you and what you can do to improve yourself

And when you feel like this, tell yourself that you don’t learn to walk in one day or learn to write in one day, things are going to take their time and you have to have patience with yourself

So, appreciate yourself, appreciate your learning, mistakes and struggles equally as you appreciate your success because success is a gift by all your mistakes you ever made

Now we have talked about why mistakes are so important and how we should to learn and grow from them

So I am going to share what mistakes I have made as a beginner and what you can learn from them

I don’t know where to start from or what to learn first

3 mistakes

As a beginner one of the biggest problem is not knowing where to start from or what to learn first and as a result we end up buying courses or just chasing certificates

Let me tell you something buying courses or doing certificates is not a bad thing but the most important thing that we miss out is that which course should I start with and how to implement what I learn from it

As we know Digital Marketing is nothing but promoting your product and services online using digital platforms so everything is based on your practical skills

Similarly when you want to learn driving a car you need to have a car to learn and practice

So when you start learning digital marketing you should first start by creating your own website to learn and practice all the strategies and techniques

And one of the most popular and famous platform where you can create & design your website is WordPress

So start by understanding how WordPress works and for this there are plenty of free resources available from where you can learn WordPress

Here are some free resources from where you can learn WordPress from beginners to advance level

Mohit Rathi Academy – They provide free WordPress course you just need to sign up with your email id and the course will be delivered to your email account

Wscubtech YouTube channel has a whole series on WordPress which is total practical based and you can learn from beginners to advance level. It’s totally in depth series

Web training Academy YouTube Channel has recently launched whole new course on WordPress 2020 both in English and Hindi language, you can learn in any language you are comfortable in

After creating your website you should choose a niche of your interest and start writing blogs about it or create pages on Instagram / Facebook and promote your content there

In this way you will start learning about content writing and making blogs seo friendly so that your website ranks and promoting your content on social media

All of these step by step which will help you to develop your practical skills which is required to be a successful digital marketer

Information overload

3 mistakes

 Another problem a beginner will face is information overload and I am sure at some point of time you must have experienced this too

For me personally this was one of the biggest problems I had to faced when I started learning about digital marketing as you know there are plenty of resources available and even if you search for single topic you will get n number of videos and blogs about it

And it becomes difficult to choose which information is correct and accurate and as you repeat this process you will end up in a state of information overload

So the best way to avoid such situation is to start implementing what you learn rather than just consuming information

Let’s take an example we all have studied Mathematics in which you have to solve the questions with help of a formula

So in order to get the correct answer you need to put the formula into the equations and solve it right

 Not just memorizing the formula again and again will not get you the solution

Similarly you need to implement what you learn more than just consuming content from different resources

As you know digital marketing is a vast field so there is so much to learn so doesn’t get overwhelmed keep your focus on one thing at a time

If you’re learning about seo so learn as much as possible about seo tools, keyword research, on page, off page etc before jumping into another topic

Not only you will learn things practically this way but you will always remember when next time you implement them

Chase Skills not Certificates

Digital marketing skills

This is one of the biggest mistakes we all do that even knowing that we need to implement what we learn we really don’t do that

We just finished the course and get a certificate and move on to another course and this is what you are doing wrong

I personally did content marketing certification from Hubspot academy and I was very much happy when I got the certification but later on when I realized that I did the whole content marketing certification

Without even having a content to promote or a blog that I can promote using the techniques or strategies that I have learned during the course

So here I have the certification but zero practical knowledge and trust me after few days I didn’t even remember what I have learned from the course because I didn’t implement it or apply it practically

And it is one of the reasons why you don’t develop the skills because you just end up chasing the certifications

That’s why it’s important to invest some amount of money to set up your own website so that you can learn and can apply those concepts on you website

And you can also create your own pages or groups on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Quora which are free if you want to use free platforms

So start focusing on developing content creation skills because content is whats going to make you stand apart from others everyone can get certifications but only few people have the right skills

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Keep reading keep learning 🙂

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10 thoughts on “3 Mistakes Every Digital marketing Beginner should learn from”

  1. I have just started digital marketing but …I am unable to understand…what should I do first… please help me out..

    Thanks in advance

  2. Thanks Ms. Shruti for valueable prerequisites to start career in Digital marketing for beginners like me based on your personal experiences.

  3. Very well said….I need one suggestion that if my goal of learning digital marketing is job den also I need to learn word press? I dont want my website n channels I want to do for others so should I waste my time in learning word press or not ??

    • hy surbhi
      i really appreciate that you took time and read my blog 🙂
      your question was the exact same question i had in my mind when i started learning about digital marketing
      and i would simply answer this by saying digital marketing is totally practical based field the more you practice on your own the best strategy you will be able to form and your results will be improved eventually
      since this topic is very vast i’ll be writing a blog soon so stay tuned 🙂

  4. A very beneficial read, thankyou for sharing your experience. After recently starting to learn digital marketing i have one question though, “how much time will it take someone to master this skill to an extent that he can secure a good job?”.

    • hello hamza
      happy that my blog provided value to you before answering your question can I ask one?
      can you tell me how much time will I take to ride a bicycle? you can’t tell me right
      In a similar way as you said you started learning digital marketing so for now just focus on developing your skills practice them practically
      Don’t just complete a course or certificate gain skills and time depends upon person to person so that you will get to know once you implement what you learn 🙂

  5. I want to learn digital marketing but I really don’t know as I am newbie. How much time will it take to learn digital marketing ?
    Please Guide me


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